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Intel’s Mobile Core i5 And Core i3: Arrandale Is For The Rest Of Us

Benchmark Results: Media/Transcoding Apps

It isn’t hard to imagine using a notebook for converting your favorite CDs to iTunes-compatible .aac files. The Core i5-540M benefits from Turbo Boost technology in this single-threaded title, shaving 10 seconds off of the task.

Solid utilization of Hyper-Threading and an on-package memory controller gives the Mobile Core i5 a notable lead versus Intel's Core 2 Duo architecture in MainConcept. When you consider the fairly similar platform power consumption figures between these two machines, such a performance advantage is fairly incredible.

The same optimizations that make MainConcept a quicker application to run on Arrandale-based systems also affect the freely-available HandBrake title. Here, we see our The Last Samurai transcode drop from 20 minutes to roughly 13 minutes by virtue of the architectural changes made to Intel's latest-generation mobile platform.

Hyper-Threading helps accelerate our DivX transcode, but a less aggressive form of Turbo Boost technology doesn't really help the speed of our unoptimized Xvid batch job.