The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 1

1998 To 2000, Continued

Available for the classic Pentium for Socket 7 was an L2 cache of up to 2 MB, located on the motherboard. At that time, DFI was a popular manufacturer and earned many honors from magazines

The 100 MHz mark is attained!

The 3.3 million transistors of the Pentium 100 used up to 12 Watts.

The Pentium 133 with 133 MHz had an astronomically high price tag during its time. Today users smirk at it.

The core of the first Pentium was manufactured using 800 nm, 600nm and 350 nm technology.

The AMD K5 didn't have a code name, and was called 5K86 internally. It had 4.3 million transistors and was manufactured using a 350 nm process.

With the AMD K5, a note on the CPU advised users that a heatsink and fan are required. Today, this is considered standard, but at the time, it was something out of the ordinary.

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  • Rare Intel Pentium P5 wafer with chips: