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The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 1

Socket 478: July 2001 To March 2004, Continued

The 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 and the equally fast-clocking Extreme Edition signaled the end of Socket 478.

Intel Celeron with Northwood core, 128 kB L2-Cache and no Hyperthreading

The back of the Pentium 4 for Socket 478. The pins are narrower than ever before.

An open Pentium 4 with Northwood core.

In a lab test, while removing the heat spreader of the Prescott CPU, the die remained glued firmly in place because Intel had used silver paste as a medium for thermal conduction.

The die firmly glued to the heat spreader - not a happy sight.

  • Rare Intel Pentium P5 wafer with chips: