The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 1

1998 To 2000, Continued

Intel was already producing boxed coolers for the first Pentium for Socket 7. The coolers were glued rather primitively to the CPU.

The first Pentium with MMX technology was also the last one to come in a ceramic case.

The Intel Pentium 166 MMX CPU, codenamed P55C, had a whopping 4.5 million transistors. In some cases, it was possible to overclock the CPU to 200 MHz.

The last Intel CPU for Socket 7 was the powerful Pentium MMX. A few of the samples could be overclocked to 291.5 MHz.

The last two models for Socket 7, the Pentium 200 MMX and Pentium 233 MMX, were already being produced with the Celeron casing.

The first AMD CPU with a heat spreader, which was removed by hacker geeks for better cooling.

In 1999, the DFI K6XV3+2 cost $132.

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  • Rare Intel Pentium P5 wafer with chips: