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Multifunction Inkjet Printers: Are You Ready for a Printer that Does More?

Detail 2

Test photo Detail 2
Brother DCP 1110C Detail 2Canon Pixma MP780 Detail 2
DELL AIO 962 Detail 2Epson Stylus Photo RX425 Detail 2
Epson Stylus Photo RX620 Detail 2HP PSC2355 Detail 2
HP Photosmart 2710 Detail 2Lexmark P6250 Detail 2

For products whose main purpose isn't the faithful reproduction of photos, the multifunction printers we tested did quite well. We should mention, however, that certain models, such as the Brother DCP-110C and the Epson Stylus Photo RX425, showed a strong accentuation of the blues, which decreases the fidelity of the print compared to the original. The Dell AIO 962 and the Lexmark P6250 had a propensity to emphasize contours, which was especially visible around faces - the delineation between the models' hair and the sky was too pronounced. As might have been expected, the Stylus Photo RX620 did best on the photo quality test. The simultaneous use of six ink cartridges, including light cyan and light magenta, showed its full potential on this test. But the superior quality of this product was especially clear when we enlarged details. As an example, it uses fewer black dots to emphasize a color than the other models. The Photosmart 2710 and the Canon Pixma MP780 also produced very good results, with the Canon ending up the office-oriented product that was most effective for photo printing.