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Multifunction Inkjet Printers: Are You Ready for a Printer that Does More?

Cost Of Printing Text And Graphics With 25% Color Coverage

On the test combining text and graphics with 25% coverage, the Pixma MP780 moved even farther ahead, but the ratio with the other models is of the same magnitude as for printing in photo mode. For this test, we used standard paper and therefore didn't count its cost, which represents only a fraction of the overall cost. The PSC 2355 remained behind the other models due to the short life of its single-unit cartridges.

Cost Of Printing Black Text, 5% Coverage

Canon again stood out in this test, not just due to the very good lifespan/cost ratio of its cartridges, but also because it uses two black-ink cartridges simultaneously, one normal and the other high capacity. That results in significant economies of scale, and also makes it the model with the best print quality in text mode.

The Brother DCP-110C scored very good results on this test, but at the expense of quality. The very visible dottiness that appeared is a sign that the manufacturer is trying to limit ink usage as much as possible to attain a low cost per page. The two Stylus models from Epson did fairly well, whereas the two multifunctions from HP and the Lexmark P6250 fell behind.