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NEC EX341R Monitor Review

Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response & Lag

Viewing Angles

Off-axis image quality for VA panels falls squarely between that of IPS and TN. It doesn’t suffer from the detail loss and major color shift of the latter, but IPS is still the best choice if you need a monitor that looks good from the sides. Our sample shows a red/green shift and a hazy representation of the brighter steps. Detail holds up well though in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Of course, the curvature helps mitigate any potential artifacts when a single user sits properly on-center.

Screen Uniformity

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As we noted in the contrast tests, the EX341R’s uniformity compensation works almost all its magic in brighter areas of the screen. You can see that its excellent black field score is almost identical whether the feature is on or off. The white field test is something else altogether. While 12.8% is an OK result, 1.06% is ridiculously good. We couldn’t see a problem in either state, but when you compare them back-to-back, the difference is noticeable. And since there’s contrast to spare, you can actually use the feature. Just turn the backlight up to compensate for the output loss. Color uniformity also sees some gain though not one that’s visible. Our sample exhibits excellent performance either way.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

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With no FreeSync to tempt them, gamers are not likely to shop the EX341R. But with its 75Hz refresh rate, good smoothness and response is possible. A 69ms input lag score won’t impress, but it is typical of 60Hz monitors, so casual players should have a good experience. Motion blur is kept at bay thanks to a quick 13ms draw time, and when you engage the overdrive, you’ll see almost no stutter. And frame tears aren’t really a factor at high framerates.

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