Nvidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache: Fast Name, Slower Speed

Doom3 Performance Comparison

The following table shows our assessment of the playability on the test candidates based on the benchmark results obtained in our tests. Since our results only denote average frame rates, a result of 25fps doesn't mean a game will run smoothly on this card. In some scenes, the frame rate may dip as low as 10fps, then recover for a fluid 40fps in the next.

By our standards, 50fps is enough for good, smooth playability. Anything above 70fps can be considered excellent performance. At average frame rates between 30 and 50 fps, rendering will usually be fluid with performance drops in the more complex game scenes. Results between 20 and 30 fps already limit playability to a great extent, and anything below 20fps is basically unplayable, as the video output is no longer fluid and will stutter noticeably.

In the "High" and "Low" quality presets, only the standard GeForce 6200 (non TC!) is able to deliver half-way decent performance. Only after disabling further details through the advanced settings menu and choosing our "Very Low" preset do the results improve. The GeForce 6200 offers good results in 1024x768, and the game is still playable on this card at 1280x1024. The performance of the remaining cards is insufficient to make the game playable at the higher resolution. The GeForce 6200 TurboCache cards don't do very well here. The smaller the local memory on the video card is, the lower the frame rates drop. The 64 MB TurboCache model suffers from its lower clocked memory modules.