Nvidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache: Fast Name, Slower Speed

ATI Radeon X300 SE

The Die X300 SE only differs from the standard X300 (and the LE model) in that it uses a 64 Bit memory interface. As a result, it only offers half the memory bandwidth, namely 3.2 GB/s and has clock speeds of 325/400 MHz. This low-profile card is made by Sapphire.

Intel GMA900 (i915 P/G)

If market leadership is determined by the number of graphics processors a company sells, then this honor falls to Intel. It owes this leadership position to the integrated video features found in many of its motherboard chipsets. The youngest member of Intel's integrated graphics family is the GMA 900 graphics processor, which is found in the Northbridge of the i915 P/G chipset. Since it doesn't possess its own dedicated video memory, it sets aside some of the system memory for this task. While the graphics processor features two pixel shader units, it lacks any vertex shaders. These need to be simulated by the CPU.