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NVIDIA Puts Its (New) Cards on the Table


The winter games are finally set to begin. As our readers know, ATi has already introduced its contenders, the high-end Radeon 9800 XT and mainstream card Radeon 9600 XT .

Now NVIDIA is stepping up to the plate with its high-end FX 5950, codenamed NV38 and the FX 5900 Ultra's successor, and the FX 5700 family, which will replace the FX 5600 line for mainstream applications.

NVIDIA's latest reflects ATi's strategy with its XT cards for the FX 5950 Ultra, basically making it a memory and clock speed enhanced 5900 Ultra. The new 5700 series, on the other hand, has seen quite a few improvements. Let the games commence.

There's also news on the NVIDIA driver front. In addition to performance improvements in DirectX 9 games, the new "ForceWare" v52.16 drivers offer some useful gimmicks, such as gridlines and user customizable screen resolutions.