Nvidia's GeForce 7800GS Becomes a Better Buy

Two New AGP Cards For $300

Two weeks ago, Nvidia unveiled its upgrade option for AGP gamers worldwide. Although this launch was a sight for sore eyes, the suggested retail price for the GeForce 7800GS was $350 to $400, depending on the model. Is it worth upgrading to another AGP card when it costs so much?

Low price for high performance is the hardest thing to find in the computer world, but what if you only have $300 for an upgrade? As promised on Monday of last week, we saw the cards hit retail and online stores. In a surprising twist, however, the market answered the cost question, as cards quickly moved down the price scale into the $300 range. Today we look at two of the GeForce 7800GS offerings: The BFG GeForce 7800GS OC (Overclocked) and the EVGA GeForce 7800GS (Superclocked).