Operating System: XP For Hardware

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

With the release of Windows XP it is becoming more apparent than ever that Windows no longer is just an operating system. More and more features are integrated, and the need for third-party software is decreasing, at some levels.

The built-in applications from Microsoft are not always the best ones, but for most users they are good enough. At the extreme, this is going to put a big dent into smaller development houses who come up with the tools and shareware that do the little things people need, like browsing image files. XP would dampen any developers enthusiasm for penetrating the Windows universe, knowing that what they do might eventually end up in the OS.

Considering that Windows XP has all of the following features, there will be a decreasing number of users that will bother choosing similar third-party applications. Maybe not the sophisticated user, but certainly, it can make corporation and home users think twice about investing in certain add-on apps and tools.

  • Instant messenger
  • Copyright encoding of music
  • Browser for images
  • Remote access
  • CD burning
  • CD ripping or audio encoding software
  • Digital Audio player
  • Video player
  • Internet browser
  • Email
  • Firewall
  • Data compression
  • Moviemaker
  • Small games
  • Radio

With Microsoft Office installed the list becomes even longer

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet program
  • Data base program
  • Presentation program
  • Organizer (calendar)
  • Image Editor
  • Web page editor