Three PCI Express-Based SSDs: When SATA 6 Gb/s Is Too Slow

Benchmark Results: AS SSD Copy Testing

These real-world copy tests show the drives’s ability to execute parallel read and write operations, as data is read from and written to the test drives.

The game test consists of a folder with lots of small and large files. Fusion-io’s ioDrive delivers the highest performance, followed by LSI’s WarpDrive and the ioXtreme by Fusion-io.

OCZ’s Ibis keeps pace when the benchmark is executed on a freshly sanitized drive, but once it has to execute the workload on a pre-used medium, performance drops quite a bit.

The ISO test copies two large files and the results are similar as on the game copy test.

Program means that a software folder containing lots of small files is copied. The performance differences between the drives are less significant now, but again it’s Fusion-io in the lead, LSI's WarpDrive in second, and OCZ's Ibis in the rear.