Three PCI Express-Based SSDs: When SATA 6 Gb/s Is Too Slow

Compression Test: Fusion-io ioDrive And ioXtreme

The following tests show performance levels if the data you're writing is not compressable.

Fusion-io ioDrive Unused

The freshly-reset and sanitized Fusion-io ioDrive delivers more than 700 MB/s reads and writes in a fresh state.

Fusion-io ioDrive Used

This also applies to the drive in a used condition. There is a performance drop below 700 MB/s, but it never dips under 600 MB/s, even if the data cannot be compressed very well. These are great results.

Fusion-io ioXtreme Unused

As the ioXtreme utilizes MLC flash memory instead of SLC NAND flash; it does not deliver the same impressive write performance as the ioDrive. However, reads are equally great for non-compressible data. Let’s look at the performance in a used state.

Fusion-io ioXtreme Used

Once again, Fusion-io maintains its performance level. Whether or not the used data can be compressed is irrelevant for these products.