Three PCI Express-Based SSDs: When SATA 6 Gb/s Is Too Slow

Benchmark Results: AS SSD Sequential Read/Write

The Fusion-io drives are best when it comes to delivering maximum sequential throughput. We find that the WarpDrive by LSI isn’t second fastest here; this time the OCZ Ibis delivers great performance.

The situation is different for writes. Clearly, the ioDrive doesn’t care in which state it is operated. It delivers performance way beyond its 700 MB/s write throughput. OCZ’s Ibis, which does so well at reads, drops quite a bit to almost 400 MB/s in sequential writes in a best-case scenario, but down to 128 MB/s sequential writes worst-case. LSI’s WarpDrive performance is a bit more solid, as it doesn’t drop below 260 MB/s.