PNY PrevailPro P4000 Laptop Review: Quadro Workstation Power, Consumer Chassis

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Benchmarks: Complex Workloads

Now let's combine CPU-intensive and real-time graphics tasks. The nominally faster Quadro P4000 Max-Q is at a disadvantage against the desktop Quadro P2000, which benefits more fully from GPU Boost.

We start with SolidWorks 2015's GPU composite, along with three selected individual results (sub-composites).

A similar picture is painted by PTC's Creo 3.0. The PrevailPro's lower CPU performance limits its theoretically faster GPU.

Even in Adobe's Creative Cloud, the CPU's influence is unfortunately what prevents the Quadro P4000 Max-Q from performing better.

It may look like the following benchmark is graphics-limited. However, we also registered high CPU utilization in one thread. Not surprisingly, then, the notebook once again suffers a disadvantage.

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  • Chettone
    That screen must look incredibly good with that resolution with only 15.6''.
    I would love to see 140hz screens on laptops, but I guess it would kill its battery pretty fast.
  • FormatC
    WORKstation, not gaming ;)