PNY PrevailPro P4000 Laptop Review: Quadro Workstation Power, Consumer Chassis

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Benchmarks: Graphics-Heavy 3D (OpenGL)

To keep everything balanced, we're also interested in looking at workloads where the Quadro P4000 Max-Q is allowed to operate almost entirely unrestrained. In those types of scenarios, a Quadro P2000 add-in card often trails.

When we load a complex scene in Maya 2017 and simply rotate it around, the mobile Quadro shines, landing precisely between the two add-in workstation cards.

Since its CPU load is even lower than Maya 2017's, 3ds Max shows us that the mobile Quadro P4000 Max-Q can land closer to Quadro P4000 than the P2000.

AutoCAD's DirectX functions are no challenge for modern GPUs. Maybe that's why Intel's HD Graphics engine fares better here than in previous benchmarks.

One 80%-utilized CPU thread has a noticeable impact on performance, causing the mobile Quadro P4000 to land down by the add-in P2000.

Results from Cinebench R15's OpenGL benchmark are even more extreme, though we're able to blame drivers for once. Remember when we mentioned targeted optimizations favoring benchmarks? This workload means very little when it cannot be extrapolated to other tasks.

The mobile Quadro P4000 Max-Q is adequate, but limited by the Core i7-7700HQ in applications that would have otherwise been GPU-bound. Whenever the CPU comes under heavy load, a desktop Core i7-7700T is able to propel the nominally weaker Quadro P2000 beyond the theoretically faster mobile solution.

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  • Chettone
    That screen must look incredibly good with that resolution with only 15.6''.
    I would love to see 140hz screens on laptops, but I guess it would kill its battery pretty fast.
  • FormatC
    WORKstation, not gaming ;)