All Ports To Front: The FrontX Solution

The FrontX Solution, Continued

Like the Enermax EN-006-TM1 we reviewed in the "How to Add Front Mounted Ports..." article referenced earlier, the FrontX also uses a 5.25" bay design. Unlike the EN-006-TM1, however, the cables are attached to the port, so you do not have to plug them into the back of the unit. This unit uses a very sturdy and practical design that is reinforced with a substantial metal bracket that runs along its back, which gives the FrontX a strong and stable feel.

In this picture, you can see the metal bracket that runs the length of the inside back of the FrontX.

The side of the FrontX is only one-fourth of the length of a typical 5.25" device, which could present a problem when mounting this unit into a case that requires the use of rails. However, FrontX does allow the use of the two screws on the front of the bracket to install it on the rail, which does help. We installed the unit into cases from both Antec and Enlight, each of which requires the use of rails.

Once installed, the FrontX was quite stable, and we didn’t have any problems with its stability in either of our case installations. Much of this can be attributed to the metal bracket that runs inside the length of the unit, which provides the reinforcement that is necessary to provide a firm and tight fit within the 5.25" bay. (This feature is missing from other competitive unit designs, and presents quite a drawback for those designs.)

Before the unit is mounted within the bay, you must first choose the port configuration that you will be using with the FrontX. What is truly unique about the FrontX is its incredible design versatility, which allows you many ways to configure it.

As we mentioned earlier, the FrontX unit uses a slide-in and slide-out design, with track blanks and spacers, which allows you to choose up to six single-spaced ports, two triple-spaced ports, three double-spaced ports, or any combination thereof which works with your installation. The port options can be configured in both single, double, or triple-spaced design. This allows you a wide range of port configurations from which you can customize the front of the FrontX.