All Ports To Front: The FrontX Solution

The FrontX Solution, Continued

The latch that holds the FrontX door closed is perhaps the only weak area that could stand to be improved upon. When in the closed position, the door is held by a reasonably small plastic clip that could get worn down after repeated use. But we opened and closed the door several hundred times during the course of this review, and it worked fine every time, so perhaps we are being overly cautious due to our past experiences with poor plastic construction of computer parts. This probably sounds pretty 'geeky,' but flipping the FrontX door open and closed (up and down) to show your friends this FrontX feature may become one of your favorite pastimes. It Is fun to play with! (Excuse me while I escape into Lego mind warp....)

A look at the FrontX with the door closed. We are not sure why no one else has adopted this flip-up door design to hide the unit when it is not in use. It really does disguise the unit well when it is not in use.

Once we installed all of the ports into the FrontX and installed it into our test system, we were very pleased with not only the results, but also the look of the FrontX. We even un-installed the FrontX several times to change the ports into different configurations, altering the location of the ports within the front Panel. This allowed a new level of flexibility that we are unaccustomed to with such products.