All Ports To Front: The FrontX Solution

The FrontX Solution

When I wrote the article entitled How To Add Front - Mounted Ports To Your Case , THG received a boatload of email that read like this: "Could You Please Review the FrontX" or "I own the FrontX, and it is an incredible solution that you should consider reviewing." We like when readers point us in the direction of good products, since in many cases you readers use the products we review in more "real life" scenarios than we sometimes do.

We have been planning to review the FrontX, and even had it on our schedule, but we did not receive a sample unit to test until just recently. I am happy to report that, after testing and using the FrontX for about a month, I can honestly say that it works much like a multipurpose "Lego" building design for front panel solutions. And, since I am a huge Lego fan, that's a good thing.

The FrontX features a design so flexible and reconfigurable that it reminds me of my youth, when I could build pretty much anything that I could imagine with the help of my Legos. This comparison to Lego building blocks is really the easiest way for me to describe the FrontX design, since FrontX features the use of track and blanker blocks and port covers that allow ports to be installed into one of four tracks within the FrontX unit. To demonstrate what I'm talking about, let's take a look at this incredibly innovative solution for moving all of your ports to the front of your computer.

In this close-up picture, you can see what was included with our FrontX kit. Part of the unique design of the FrontX is that you can purchase as many, or as few, of the ports as needed for a certain configuration . The only limitation is the number of devices the FrontX can handle, which is six of the single width, two of the triple width, and three of the double width.