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Dell Precision T5600: Two Eight-Core CPUs In A Workstation

Results: Synthetics

Sandra 2013 Arithmetic

Dell turns in a 3.8x-higher result in Sandra's Dhrystone test, which is in the neighborhood of its theoretical peak, and around a 3.55x-better number in the floating-point module.

 Sandra 2013 Multimedia

The T5600's results are consistently about 3.5x faster in the Multimedia benchmark.

 Sandra 2013 Cryptography

The AES-NI-accelerated part of this test is memory bandwidth-bound, so naturally the Precision workstation is way in front, despite the fact that both CPUs benefit from support. The hashing test taxes processor performance, and the Xeon E5s turn out to be around 2.81x faster.

 Sandra 2013 Memory Bandwidth

Two CPUs with four-channel memory controllers offer a ton of aggregate memory bandwidth, as you can see.