Preview of the Double Whopper - ATI's Rage Fury MAXX

Benchmark Results - Quake3 Arena Normal

Clearly this setting in Quake Arena is testing the driver performance as the graphic cards with similar drivers are all tied. Although the Fury MAXX is near last place in our line-up, it still provides plenty of performance. I have no doubt that with final drivers, this situation will change.

We're seeing some pretty consistent performance differences between the Fury MAXX and the GeForce cards in all our test applications. At 1024 the Fury MAXX is coming in a decent 3rd place but about 25% slower than the SDR-GeForce board. When we transition to 32 bit modes I'm sure this gap will narrow due to the massive memory bandwidth of the Fury MAXX.

The Fury MAXX creeps within the range of the SDR-GeForce board and I wouldn't be too surprised if we see some driver enhancements put it on par if not ahead of the SDR GeForce. We'll have to wait and see what ATI can pull off.