Preview of the Double Whopper - ATI's Rage Fury MAXX

Benchmark Results - Shogo Results

A brief note before we get into the benchmark section. Due to the beta drivers, we were unable to run our full test suite. We did however test what would completely run without crashing.

At low resolution we can really test how good the drivers are because typically the fill-rate is out of the picture. Here we can see that the Fury MAXX does well by keeping at the top of the pack. The visual quality of Shogo was very good. I saw no visual signs of sync problems.

Fury MAXX pushes its way to the top but falls slightly behind the GeForce for top honors. With some driver tuning we might see a performance jump here but only enough to creep a bit closer to the SDR GeForce board.

The Fury MAXX does admirably well but not good enough to knock the GeForce off the top. I'm a bit surprised that it didn't match if not surpass the GeForce at this resolution with its 500 Mpixel/s fill-rate capabilities.