Preview of the Double Whopper - ATI's Rage Fury MAXX

Benchmark Results - Quake3 Arena High Quality

There is nothing too surprising here at low resolution with the Fury MAXX driver hindering the potentially higher scores. A decent 73 FPS is nothing to yawn at but it's not good enough to catch the GeForce boards.

We'll look what we have here! Look closely at what's going on. Notice how important memory bandwidth is to the GeForce boards. The DDR crushes the SDR board by a whopping 50%. At this resolution at in 32 bit color, you need not only fill-rate but also a strong memory performance. This is why the Fury MAXX bursts ahead of the SDR GeForce board. It still comes a little over 20% short of the DDR board but impressive nonetheless.

Woah, look at that fight for the top spot. The GeForce DDR board shares the top honors with the Fury MAXX. The SDR GeForce lags in a distant 3rd place. At this resolution Quake3-Test shows that it's a great tool to find out about the memory performance of a 3D-card. Geforce w/DDR has almost the same fill rate and only a tiny bit better memory bandwidth than Fury MAXX, thus the almost identical results. Unfortunately T&L doesn't come into account here though.