Professional Affair: OpenGL Graphics Cards Compete

The Test Platforms

We tested all cards on two 800 MHz platforms. One was based on Intel's workstation board OR840 that we equipped with 384 MByte PC800 RDRAM. The processor was a Coppermine Pentium III 800EB. The Intel chipset i840 supports two Rambus channels, allowing doubling the maximum bandwidth to 2 x 1.6 GByte/s.

Alternatively we tested on the much cheaper Athlon 800 platform with 384 MByte PC133 SDRAM. We used the Asus K7V with KX133 chipset from VIA as motherboard. The maximum SDRAM memory bandwidth is 1.1 GByte/s.

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Pentium III Platform
ProcessorIntel Pentium III 800EB
L2-Cache Speed800 MHz
Front Side Bus133 MHz Single Data Rate
MotherboardIntel OR840, Special unreleased BIOS
Main MemorySamsung PC800 RDRAM 384 MByte(max. 1,6 GByte/s)
Athlon Platform
ProzessorAMD Athlon 800 A
L2-Cache Speed320 MHz
Front Side Bus100 MHz Double Data Rate
MotherboardAsus K7V, VIA KX133 Chipsatz, Rev. 1.01, BIOS 1004.03
Main MemoryWichmann Workx PC133 SDRAM 384 MB CL2(max. 1,1 GByte/s)
Other Components
Network3COM 3C905B-TX
Hard DiscSeagate Barracuda ATA ST320430A
KX133 Drivers under NT 4VIA 4in1 v4.20 (HDD Busmastering only)
i840 Drivers under NT4NT4 Standard Drivers (HDD Busmastering)
Oxygen GVX13Dlabs
Oxygen GVX2103Dlabs
FireGL 1 ProDiamond 4.00.1381.1090
Lightning 1200E&S v3.0LG-B1102
Gloria IIElsa, Elsa, Nvidia Detonator 5.13
Software and Settings
OSWindows NT4 Sevice Pack 6a 4.00.1381
Resolutions1280x1024x32x85 for all OpenGL tests
3D Studio MaxRevision 3.1R3 Benchmark
Solidworks 99SP4 Build 292SPECapc SW99 Benchmark
ViewperfVersion 6.1.1
Glaze 3DStandard Benchmark
Uwe Scheffel