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3D Studio Max 3.1 R3 Benchmark, Continued

In Texture3.MAX the graphics card must calculate dynamically changing geometry with a huge texture map. It is almost spooky, but in case of 3DLabs and Nvidia the texture fill rates specified by the manufacturer follow the frame rates almost linearly. As expected the Elsa Gloria II with its Nvidia Quadro chip takes the lead, closely followed by the Oxygen GVX210.

This test uses complex wireframe models without shading or textures. CAD users who often create technical drawings will find this to be a meaningful way of comparing the features of the test candidates. After the last benchmark figure you are already aware of the first trend. Because of its MAXTREME plugins the Elsa Gloria II is in the lead in almost all categories. The Quadro chip stands out against the other models distinctly. In relation to that the differences for displaying a pure wireframe model are not as significant among the other four graphics cards.

3DSM - The Other Results

We decided to only publish the most representative tests from 3D Studio Max in a diagram. All other results are displayed in this numeric table.

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Athlon 800BlttestDPlanesGeom1Light1Light2Texture1Texture2
Oxygen GVX1156.27222.746.177.2421.1119.5013.86
Oxygen GVX210174.73216.886.169.6823.0927.9118.55
FireGL 1 Pro54.3189.739.9525.8532.213.1412.67
Lightning 120043.7265.755.327.9012.832.336.73
Gloria II171.57208.397.0026.4532.8136.9824.35
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PIII 800BlttestDPlanesGeom1Light1Light2Texture1Texture2
Oxygen GVX1197.53272.3610.817.5124.0419.9815.37
Oxygen GVX210256.51309.6811.4710.4629.0928.6222.07
FireGL 1 Pro147.63222.2811.0832.0036.837.5412.80
Lightning 120042.2063.715.4311.9613.162.676.87
Gloria II244.29286.5720.2527.5334.9538.7126.85
Uwe Scheffel