Professional Affair: OpenGL Graphics Cards Compete

SPECopc SPECviewperf 6.1.1

On the i840 platform with the Pentium III 800 the Gloria II achieves impressive 91.5 frames per second, and reaches the fill rate limit of the 135 MHz Quadro chip. On the KX133 platform with Athlon 800 the Quadro is still in first place, but the performance drop is unusually high. The NT 4 drivers seem to be the cause, because under Windows 98 the delta between Athlon and Pentium III for the Advanced Visualizer is only minimal.

Again the KX133 shows a weaker performance than the RDRAM platform from Intel. But the graphics card drivers also need improvements - apart from the ones for the Fire GL 1 Pro. Fortunately the differences are less apparent in the application benchmarks.

Uwe Scheffel