Professional Affair: OpenGL Graphics Cards Compete

SPECopc SPECviewperf 6.1.1, Continued

The Data Explorer Text DX-05 repeats the same poor results for the graphic cards on the KX133 Athlon platform as the DRV-06 (Design Review).

The ray-tracing and radiosity computations from Lightscape require a lot of floating point performance. Because of its superior FPU the Athlon processor could help out a lot here. The Fire GL 1 Pro is the only card in the test that proves this theory. Otherwise we again criticize the poor driver capabilities of the other test candidates regarding the KX133/Athlon.

The extreme lead of the Fire GL 1 Pro is due to the extensive use of the Streaming SIMD extensions of the Pentium III. Intel should appreciate this very much. The Gloria II and Fire GL 1 show almost identical results. We wonder whether the graphics cards plays a role at all. Does the Pentium III do all the computations?

Uwe Scheffel