Prometeia Mach 2: Best Compressor Cooler for x86 CPUs

Evaporation Principle: Liquid To Gas

The cooling system contains a refrigerant that takes a liquid or gaseous form depending on its temperature. Its task is to draw the heat from the CPU head and transport it outside the case via a heat exchanger. The boiling point of the refrigerant can be between -50°C and -80°C at a pressure of 1 bar, depending on the type used (here it is R134a).

The heat exchanger is located in the bottom section of the Prometeia Mach 2, while the coolant evaporates in the CPU cooling head, which requires energy. This is taken from the refrigerant itself, whose temperature thus quickly drops to below that of the CPU die.

The vaporized coolant is then drawn away from the CPU cooling head by the piston pump (compressor), and forced into the heat exchanger. This is located in the bottom section of the Prometeia Mach 2 with the compressor. Compressing the vapor causes it to heat up to above 60°C, well above ambient.

As the medium flows through the heat exchanger and heat is passed to the outside air via cooling fins, the temperature drops. When it drops below about 40°C, the vapor condenses. The heat from this condensing operation is passed to the outside via cooling fins. The process only takes place when the compressor is running and supplying energy to the cooling system.

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