Prometeia Mach 2: Best Compressor Cooler for x86 CPUs

Mach 2: Chip-Con Enhances Its Evaporator Barebone, Continued

Closer inspection of the lower section reveals that both the compressor and the heat exchanger are identical to those in our first test. The compressor is an NL11F type, made by Danfoss, using R134a refrigerant. The nominal stroke of the piston is 11.15 cm3 and power consumption can rise to over 300 W.

View of the cooler unit in the bottom part of the system. As before, Chip-Con uses the largest version of Danfoss' N-Series compressors. R134a refrigerant is used.

The control board and IC logic are located next to the compressor.

The control system, which is located in the bottom section as well, is also completely new. This is linked to the motherboard via a USB cable, which allows Windows to recognize the Prometeia as a system hardware component. The necessary control software and driver are supplied. The Prometeia control center contains three menus. In the System section, you can monitor CPU operating speed, cooling temperature and fan speed (heat exchanger and compressor).