Prometeia Mach 2: Best Compressor Cooler for x86 CPUs

CPU Cooling: Air, Water Or Evaporator Principle? Continued

Chip-Con recently launched the Prometeia Mach 2, which we have been putting through its paces in an eight-week endurance test. At this point we are sure of one thing: of all the compressor-driven cooling systems on the market today, the Prometeia Mach 2 is the cream of the crop. The THG lab set itself the goal of creating a new P4 overclocking record using this powerful cooling system. By December 2002 we had already achieved a stable 4.1 GHz system speed . This time, we wanted to hit 4.3 GHz!

If you plan to build a similar system, you should definitely take a look at the new THG video (number 8)!

The front panel is removed from the cooling unit to provide a view of the finely structured heat exchanger.

Here is the upper section of the system, which contains the components.

Here are the top and bottom sections of the Prometeia Mach 2.

Upon arrival, the cooling head is packed and secured with cable ties.