Quick and Quiet: Pentium M Desktop Boards by AOpen and DFI

The 855GME Pentium M Chipset

The features of Intel's 855GM chipset are no longer competitive with the current 900 series of desktop chipsets, which already support High Definition Audio, DDR2 memory, the AHCI Serial ATA controller and PCI Express graphics and peripherals. Intel is going to launch the Sonoma chipset (915GM/PM) in the first quarter of 2005, finally bringing to the mobile world FSB533, Dual DDR400, PCI Express graphics, Serial ATA support and Wireless 802.11 b/g.

The 855GM is a relative of the 875/865 chipsets, but does not support dual channel memory. Hence, the maximum memory bandwidth using DDR333 memory is 2.7 GB/s. The chipset also supports well-known features such as two UltraATA/100 channels, six USB 2.0 ports and an AGP 4X interface.