Quick and Quiet: Pentium M Desktop Boards by AOpen and DFI

Cooling Pentium M Is Simple

Thanks to the low thermal envelope of the Pentium M, there is no need for huge, sophisticated heat sinks and high-speed fans with the Socket 479 platform. And since no Pentium M desktop platforms have been available except for industrial solutions, there are few cooling solutions available today. Luckily, both AOpen and DFI include a processor cooler with their motherboards.

Compared with most Athlon64 or Pentium 4 cooling devices, the quality of both coolers is only average. However, both are powerful enough to deal with the low thermal needs of the Pentium M. Even when workload was high, the coolers never got noticeably hot. Also, the noise level was pleasantly low; as soon as these systems get installed into a computer chassis, you won't even notice that there is a fan working inside.