Radeon HD 6970 And 6950 Review: Is Cayman A Gator Or A Crock?

Benchmark Results: Just Cause 2 (DX11)

The only real outstanding performers in Just Cause 2 are the Radeon HD 5970 ($500) and the CrossFire’d Radeon HD 6850s ($380). The better choice is obvious in this case, so long as you’re willing to set aside four slots worth of expansion for the two dual-slot cards.

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 580 ($510) is generally the next-fastest option, but again, you can save more than $100 if you go with two GeForce GTX 460 1 GB cards for $400 or so.

From there, we see AMD’s new Radeon HD 6970 taking a middle-of-the-pack finish, trading blows with GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 570. Compared to the GTX 480s, which are still way overpriced and should be avoided at all costs, that’s not bad. However, AMD has serious competition in the GeForce GTX 570 selling for $350.

Moving on down the stack, AMD’s Radeon HD 6950 roughly matches the Radeon HD 5870 currently selling for $290, giving the company a fairly round target in its own stack to beat.

Chris Angelini
Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.
  • terror112
    WOW not impressed.
  • Annisman
    Thanks for the review Angelini, these new naming schemes are hurting my head, sometimes the only way to tell (at a quick glance) which AMD card matches up to what Nvidia card, is by comparing the prices, which I think is bad for the average consumer.
  • rohitbaran
    These cards are to GTX 500 series what 4000 series was to GTX 200. Not the fastest at their time but offer killer performance and feature set for the price. I too expected 6900 to be close to GTX 580, but it didn't turn out that way. Still, it is the card I have waited for to upgrade. Right in my budget.
  • tacoslave
    imagine when this hits 32nm?
  • notty22
    AMD's top card is about a draw with the gtx 570.
    Pricing is in line.
    Gives AMD only hold outs buying options, Nvidia already offered
    Merry Christmas
  • microterf
    Why drop the 580 when it comes to the multi-gpu scaling??
  • IzzyCraft
    Sorry all i read was this
    "This helps catch AMD up to Nvidia. However, Intel has something waiting in the wings that’ll take both graphics companies by surprise. In a couple of weeks, we'll be able to tell you more." and now i'm fixated to weather or not intel's gpu's can actually commit to proper playback.
  • andrewcutter
    but from what i read at hardocp, though it is priced alongside the 570, 6970 was benched against the 580 and they were trading blows... So toms has it at par with 570 but hard has it on par with 580.. now im confused because if it can give 580 perfomance or almost 580 performance at 570 price and power then this one is a winner. Sim a 6950 was trading blows with 570 there. So i am very confused
  • sgt bombulous
    This is hilarious... How long ago was it that there were ATI fanboys blabbering "The 6970 is gonna be 80% faster than the GTX 580!!!". And then reality hit...
  • manitoublack
    I'd have to say wait until the christmas new years dust settles