Radical Make-Over: Water Cooling From Koolance

Effective Fan Controller: 3-Level Temperature Regulation

Circuit electronics regulate fan speed. The piezo speaker reports critical temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.

View of the three fans and LED modules, disassembled.

The three fans are located directly above the heat exchanger.

The three fans installed on the top of the case ensure that sufficient air circulates through the heat exchanger. At Level 1, the speed of all the fans depends on the temperature. Once 45 degrees Celsius has been reached - as measured on the underside of the CPU element - the fans shift into high gear. If Level 2 is activated, the fan speed also changes with the temperature, but it shifts into maximum speed somewhat sooner than at Level 1. At Level 3, the fans always run at their maximum speed, ensuring that the volume flow throughput is at its peak for the heat exchanger.

Level 3 of the fan control has been activated.

Extreme situation: without any external intervention, the system will never hit 99 degrees Fahrenheit.