How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

Test Setup

Socket 939 AMD Athlon 4000+ (Clawhammer, 2.4 GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)
AMD Platform (DDR400) 4x 512 MB - DDR400 (200 MHz)
Corsair Pro Series CMX512-3200XL (XMS3208 V1.1)
(CL2.0-2-2-5-2T @ 200 MHz)
2x 256 MB - DDR400 (200 MHz)
GeIL GOS5123200DC (CL2.0-2-2-5-2T @ 200 MHz)
Socket 939 Platform Abit A8N Fatal1ty
NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Chipset
System Hardware
Graphics Card (PCIe) NVIDIA Geforce 6800 GT (Reference Card)
GPU : NVIDIA Geforce 6800 GT (405 MHz)
Memory : 256 MB DDR-SDRAM (550 MHz)
Hard Drive Maxtor DiamondMax 10
300 GB, 16 MB Cache, 7,200 RPM
Network Integrated NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet network
Power Supply Tagan TG480-U22, ATX 2.0, 480 W
Chipset Drivers (PCIe) NVIDIA Forceware 6.70
Graphics Driver NVIDIA Forceware 81.85
DirectX Version : 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
OS Windows XP Professional 5.10.2600,
Service Pack 2

Benchmarks And Settings

Benchmarks and Settings
Doom III Version : 1.3
1024x768, 32 Bit
Video Quality = Ultra Quality
Quake 4 Version : 1.0
640x480, 32 Bit
Video Quality = Ultra Quality
Custom made demo
DirectX 8
Unreal Tournament 2004 Version : 3255
1024x768, 32 Bit, Audio = off, max settings
DirectX 9
Far Cry Version : 1.31, Build 1378
800x600, 32 Bit, Video Quality = Very High
3DMark 2005 Version : 1.2
1024x786, 32 Bit
Graphics and CPU Default Benchmark
Battlefield 2 Version : Demo 1.0
800x600 32 Bit
Quality options : tested using both max settings and lowest settings
Custom made demo
Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus Version : 9.4.1
from : 352x288 MPEG-2 41 MB
to : 720x576 MPEG-2 95 MB
Encoding and Transition Rendering to MPEG-2/DVD
no Audio
Auto Gordian Knot
DivX 5.2.1
XviD 1.0.3
Version : 1.95
Audio = AC3 6ch
Custom size = 100 MB
Resolution settings = Fixed width
Codec = XviD and DivX 5
Audio = CBR MP3, kBps 192
182 MB VOB MPEG2-source
Lame MP3 Version 3.97.1 Multi-threaded Alpha
Wave 17:14 minutes (182 MB) to mp3
32 - 320 kBit
VBR = level 3
WinRAR Version 3.41
Extraction of 1 file, 2.65 GB
Compression = Best
Dictionary = 4096 kB
3DS Max 7 Characters "Dragon_Charater_rig"
Rendering Single
PCMark 2005 Pro Version : 1.0.1
All Tests
SiSoftware Sandra Pro Version 2005, SR2a
Memory Tests = Bandwidth Benchmark, Memory and Cache Benchmark
Quake 4 Version : 1.0
Set to loop using Ultra Quality settings
BulletProof FTP Server Version :
Transferring 3 files totaling 8,11 GB over Gigabit Ethernet
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  • survivor1940
    I am a little confused as to what ram would work better with the Asus P5KPL-CM motherboard running intel E5200 CPU. I will not be gaming.I know I can use up to 3.5 Gbs of ram on my Windows XP 32 bit OS.The question is which would perform better> 2x1Gb ddr2-800 pc2 6400 or ddr2-667 pc2-5300?
  • yugiteddy
    I use a Mac and a windows computer from IBM. I use the mac most of the time... it has 768 megabytes of ram.
    The Mac is a powerbook G4.
    Applications do crash but I like to do things quickly so that's why. With the IBM (Netvista), I don't use it that much, but sometimes I control it through RDC. The "Netvista" has 1 Gigabyte of ram.
    I don't really mind about the computers and the ram-I just care about that I can use them and that they don't crash each time I play a game.
    From someone, who is learning applescript.
  • usasma
    I've got 12 gB of RAM and I still experience slowdowns. Today it was due to numerous programs reading my hard drive - and even the RAID 5 array didn't help.

    Performance is achieved by striking a good balance between RAM, CPU, Hard disks, and the mobo.
  • Anonymous
    my 256mb ram pc is working surprisingly take 2 minutes to load while my laptop got 2 gb ram and takes like 5mins to start 256mb ram system has been (like you were saying) balanced to do tasks throughout the system that are necessary only and working amazingly well.
  • Anonymous