Resident Evil 5: Demo Performance Analyzed

Benchmark Results: Medium Detail, DirectX 9

This is what we'd consider the baseline of how Resident Evil 5 should be played, with shadows, decent textures, and good performance on slower hardware.

At 1280x1024, all of the graphics cards are performing well. Clearly there is a CPU bottleneck occurring at just under 130 frames per second (FPS), but with the Radeon HD 4650 pulling over 50 FPS, all of these cards will deliver very smooth gameplay at this setting and resolution.

At 1680x1050, the Radeon HD 4650 still manages to muster a playable 40 FPS, but all of the other cards are achieving more than double that.

A resolution of 1920x1200 brings the Radeon HD 4650 to the edge of playability. An average of 30 FPS might be passable, but it implies that during slowdowns, the frame rate will drop lower than this and become a little choppy. Once again, all of the other contenders are managing to at least double this 30 FPS minimum level.

Finally, at 2560x1600, the Radeon HD 4650 is delivering an unplayable 19 FPS, while the other cards are still managing smooth playability. While the GeForce 9600 GT is a bit slower than the rest of the pack, it can handle an average of 42 FPS, which is reasonable.

  • gkay09
    Does this imply that game developers in general dint even utilize the full potential of DirectX 9 and jumped on DirextX 10 bandwagon and now to DirextX 11?
  • renz496
    i've tried the benchmark before. the dx 10 produce slightly better frame rate than dx9. this game have better performance in dx 10 compared to dx 9 in my machine
  • yellosnowman
    Am I going blind or is there no HD4890
    or is this just a quick benchmark before the HD5*** series
  • mitch074
    @yellosnowman: there is a 4890, but it's been downclocked to 4870 levels (read the article) to be used as reference for Radeon performances (tests on Radeon wasn't too extensive, as the benchmark is optimized for Nvidia hardware). And yes, with HD 5xxx almost there, doing complete benchmarks here is pretty much useless: the game is playable with everything at full on a Radeon HD 4770 up to Full HD quality.
  • Spathi
    Can you test it on Larrabee plz, ty
  • voltagetoe
    Gkay09, Direct X 10 was a failure because Vista was a failure. DX 9 has been thoroughly utilized - there has been no other choice.
  • juliom
    On the variable benchmark @ 1680 x 1050 2x AA my Phenom II x4 955 and Radeon 4870 pulls and average of 80 fps in directx 9. I'm happy and have the game pre-ordered on Steam :)
  • amnotanoobie
    voltagetoeGkay09, Direct X 10 was a failure because Vista was a failure. DX 9 has been thoroughly utilized - there has been no other choice.Wasn't it more of because the mainstream DX10 cards (8600GT and 2600XT) didn't really perform well, and even some were beaten by previous generation cards. As such, pushing the detail level higher might mean fewer sales as fewer people had the cards to play the games at decent levels (8800GTS 320MB/640MB or 2900XT).
  • HTDuro
    DX10 isnt really a failure .. if programmer take time to really work on DX10 optimisation .. more on SM4.0. remember Assassins creed? ubisoft take time to work on SM4.0 and the game work better in D10 than 9 ... higher framerate with better shadow
  • pirateboy
    looks like yet another boring shooter mainly targeted at console users.
    RE5 = FAIL