The Last Resort: Streamer Technolgy Overview

The Dress Rehearsal: Restoring Data

The data pool was restored after one hour and 36 minutes, this time without the verifying process.

During the restoration process, users also have to select the drive and the path they want to employ.

The software is careful: Existing data is not overwritten automatically.

A report summarizes the restoration process.

Disaster Recovery: Can't Do It Without The CD

In order to create a solution for complete data loss (e.g., RAID defect), users of Dantz Retrospect have to generate a Disaster Recovery CD. The affected computer needs to be booted from this CD, so that Retrospect can completely restore the backup set onto the streamer. Having a complete system backup is, however, the prerequisite for that. Users can generate that backup by selecting several options with the Backup Wizard.