The Last Resort: Streamer Technolgy Overview

Security Approaches

If users have data volumes of less than 4.7 GB, they can employ rewritable DVD±RWs or secure DVD-RAMs. If they have larger data volumes, hard drives or tape drives are the only options, as they can also handle triple-digit Gigabyte volumes. However, hard drives are too heavy when used often and they are sensitive to physical shock (i.e., dropping on the ground, abrupt jolts, etc.). On the other hand, hard drives boasts high data transfer rates.

Still, those pursuing an airtight data safety strategy should rely on streamer tapes, rotated in a sensible manner. At least one week's backup should be stored in the home safe or even in a safe deposit box. Also, the tapes should not be used more often than their manufacturer advises.

The purpose of this tape-based approach is not just to back up existing data but also to create snapshot images of the data pool. This allows users to recreate a certain status, or use it as a reference, for instance, when data was manipulated.

A whole string of different storage standards is available, ranging from "too small" to "exaggerated," depending on what you need. QIC, Travan, 8 mm, Mammoth, AIT, DLT, SDLT, ADR, LTO or VXA: We will discuss all formats and help you find the backup solution that suits you best.