The Last Resort: Streamer Technolgy Overview

Does Emergency Data Recovery Work Properly?

What's the use in completely backing up data each day, over several months, if the vast amounts of data don't ensure the desired recovery when there actually is an emergency? The rule for any type of security system: Make sure you do a dry run first, like doing a fire drill to be prepared for a real fire. Does a RAID 5 hard drive array really work? Remove a drive and test the reconstruction after the rebuilding process. The same applies to streamer solutions: In a test, make sure you restore the backup to see if you are getting the desired results.

Especially in connection with sophisticated backup programs, the recovery scenario should also be tested when backing up the computer, including the operating system. A disaster recovery is only useful if it works reliably.

Streamer Formats: An Overview

Yesterday and today: SLR75 in comparison with the Mini-QIC80 tape. The size of the SLR tape mainly has to do with the tape's length, which ranges from 94 meters to 351 meters.