Review AGP Graphic Cards

Number Nine Revolution 3D - The 2D Master With Pretty Decent 3D Support

This new Number Nine card was ion my lab only for a few days, which is the reason why I haven't got a picture of it, neither a screen shot with MotoRacer. This new card is supposed to show the Millennium 2 who really rules in 2D and if it wasn't for the excellent NT performance of the Fire GL 1000 Pro the Revolution 3D would have won the crown for the fastest 2D board. The Windows 95 2D performance is simply earth shattering, leaving all other cards far behind, particularly at true color. The NT drivers need obviously still quite a lot of work, because the picture there is opposite to Windows 95 when you compare the results of Revolution 3D to the Fire GL 1000 Pro. The 3D performance of the Revolution 3D is not bad, but compared to the other cards it's the lowest. If we think of Matrox's Millennium 2 however, which is about the same price, we should see that the Revolution 3D is at least supporting almost all 3D features and hence offering a quite good 3D picture quality as well as a higher 3D performance than the Millennium 2. Unfortunately the OpenGL performance of the Revolution 3D so far is not exactly impressive, which gives it a slight fail in terms of NT graphic workstation card. I am sure that future NT drivers will show the same 2D performance advantage over all competitors as now seen under Windows 95. For people that are keen on highest 2D performance this card is the one to go for. The test card was equipped with 8 MB WRAM.