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Review AGP Graphic Cards

Asus 3DexPlorer 3000 - Asus' 3D Runner

The 3DexPlorer 3000 from Asus, also known under the name 'AGP-V3000' is Asus' version of an AGP card with NVidia's successful Riva 128 chip. Just as in the motherboard sector, Asus tried to keep the costs as low as possible and produced the so far smallest board with NVidia's chip. The 3DexPlorer comes without any video in/out features, the spaces for these features are on the board though as you can see. Although this boards gives a particularly cheaply made impression, somehow the complete opposite to Diamonds Viper V330, it is performing just as great as the original reference design from NVidia themselves. If you can get this card for a good price and if you don't fancy TV/video out or video in, you can't do too wrong buying this board. If you prefer a little bit more quality, more features and especially decent support you may rather have a look at the Diamond Viper V330, which comes with the very same chip and is claimed by Diamond to be even faster. I am waiting ...

As expected, the picture quality of the Asus 3DexPlorer is as excellent as of the original NVidia reference board.