Secure Remote Data Access for Home Users

On The Move, Without External Data Volumes

Carrying large volumes of data around with us is no longer the realm of science fiction authors like William Gibson - it has actually been reality for quite some time now. Unlike Johnny Mnemonic, the protagonist of one of Gibson’s short stories and hero of the action movie of the same name, the mobile data volumes we use are not our brains: we make use of mobile data storage units like external disc drives and USB sticks on a daily basis. These storage units allow us to transport important data conveniently and access it whenever and wherever we need it.

But no matter how convenient this method of data transportation may be, it’s not much good when we forget to copy the data we need to the external drive or USB stick before leaving our workplace. When that happens, our mobile data volume is suddenly rendered useless. In addition to human error, there are other scenarios under which a mobile data volume may not meet the need to access certain data from any location. This may be the case, for example, when you need to access data contained in a database server, or when the user doesn’t know in advance which data they will need to access in a particular situation. (Compare Prices on USB Flash Memory)

What would make more sense than the ability to access your data via the Internet? This idea is the basis of telecommuting, where some employees are able to carry out their work without a fixed workplace within the company. This usually means working from home, but it also many involve employees who work out in the field.

The exchange of data via the Internet has increased in significance as a result of the continuing globalization of companies. This article aims to show you how the home user can easily access their data at home - primarily thanks to faster Internet connections - and how external data access is no longer reserved for companies with dedicated telecommunication lines.

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Marcel Binder
  • u mentioned we can access files this way but can we access the home internet connection through school connection using this vpn?