Shuttle XPC SB81P Barebones Runs Cool and Quiet

New: PCI Express And Socket 775

The XPC SB81P is the first, but certainly not the only Barebones to have the new PCI Express interface for graphics cards. As the logical next step, Intel's new Socket 775 is now to make its entrance into the realm of mini-PCs as well. This model still does without DDR2 support; the XPC SB81P still works with "regular" DDR modules. Working storage can be expanded up to 4 GB. For optimal memory performance the little Shuttle requires two identical DIMM modules that are operated in dual-channel mode.

The next XPC Barebones version will support the still quite expensive DDR2 memory according to the manufacturer.

Onboard sound was upgraded in the XPC SB81P from 5.1 to 7.1. The sound ports are all located on the back of the Barebones.

The new PCI/PCI Express team

Read about Socket 775 .

Siggy Moersch