Shuttle XPC SB81P Barebones Runs Cool and Quiet

PCI Express And Socket 775 Now Available In Barebones

Intel's latest Socket 775, which represents Intel's vision of future PC applications Socket 775 , is now available in a Barebones form factor in Shuttle's XPC SB81P.

To appreciate the XPC SB81P, a look inside the box is warranted. This motherboard has the Intel i915G chipset with Socket 775. The i915G's integrated graphics feature DirectX9 functionality. The performance of the integrated graphics core, also called Graphics Media Accelerator 900 or GMA 900 for short, is enough for older games, which involves less sharp graphics during gameplay. For typical office and 2D applications, the GMA 900 provides more than enough performance.

Along with the new CPU socket, the motherboard features another novelty, namely a PCI Express expansion slot for 16x graphics cards. The new Intel platform means that users should not expect to find an AGP slot.

Simple black design

Easy to take along: box with carrying handle

Siggy Moersch