Can SLI in a Notebook Beat Desktop Graphics?

Loaded With Interfaces

Continuing down the features list there are many ports. On the right side, there are three USB ports, a single IEEE1394 Firewire port and an infrared port. A PCMCIA slot, a 3-in-1 card reader and antenna hook up fill out the rest of the right side.

On the left hand side is home to the audio connections and the optical drive.

On the back side there are more ports. The video supplied s-video and composite video cable plugs into the port seen on the right. Continuing from right to left is the DVI-A connection and the power port. The large space in the middle is the exhaust ventilation for the graphics cards. There is a series of ports starting with one for an RJ-11 cable for the modem, two more USB ports, a serial port and a PS2 port for an older mouse or keyboard.

Lastly there are two more connections that do not have wires. The first is another infrared port on the front of the system. The last is hidden from sight as it is the wireless adapter located underneath the system.