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Can SLI in a Notebook Beat Desktop Graphics?

Conclusion: Powerful And Power Hungry

It comes with a backpack so you can look stylish.

We can unequivocally say that this is the fastest notebook we have ever tested; the frame rates are on par with those of a desktop. There are some drawbacks to having a powerful desktop replacement. The first is that you need a desk to put it on and a power outlet to plug it into. The chart below shows that the system can pull 256 W when everything is cranked up. That means that the power adapter was drawing 36 W more than the output of 220 W. It shows that this notebook will not last long playing games if it is not plugged in.

At $3,500 this is not your ordinary notebook. It is a desktop with a built-in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and display. It has every feature you could desire in a desktop or mobile system. While it is not the most practical system due to its size, power consumption and weight, it can deliver a great gaming experience on the road or in your office. If you are looking for the extreme mobile system, this should fit the bill.

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