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Can SLI in a Notebook Beat Desktop Graphics?

Benchmarks Results

We put this notebook through the entire gaming benchmark suite and compared it to desktop system results. With a title like "desktop replacement," we thought that it should see if it lives up to its title. You will notice that the highest resolution for the notebook is 1680x1050. This is the maximum resolution for its display and outputs 1.76 MPixels, while 1600x1200 outputs at 1.92 MPixels. The numbers are close, but the desktop cards are doing a little more work. One other thing to note is that the SLI system is being hindered by what the CPU can deliver. Due to CPU constraints, the SLI notebooks' scores at various resolutions are sometimes limited.


The Battalion with a mobile version of a previous graphics generation does well against the newer desktop cards. This and the other test results should prove that the Battalion is certainly a desktop replacement.