Smart and Simple: Portable 2.5" Hard Drives from Fujitsu and Valueplus

Fujitsu HandyDrive Data Edition (USB 2.0)

The Data Edition of the HandyDrive has a 2.0 standard USB interface and thus sends a maximum of 480 Mbit/s. The drive's plastic case is about the size of a butter dish and weighs about 225 g. This qualifies it as an absolutely suitable travel companion.

After several hours in operation, the drive naturally gets warm. The air exchange via cooler vents on the underside is fully adequate for ventilation of the hard drive contained within; preferably, however, the drive should be operated on flat surfaces, so that the vents are not covered up.

One source of problems in operation could be older systems or older USB controllers that cannot generate the power necessary for the HandyDrive via the USB 2.0 bus. We used several systems of different ages for this; there were only problems with a board with an older USB controller based on the Intel Southbridge ICH2. The test with current boards based on the nForce2 chipset or the Intel 845PE including ICH4 ran without interruption, as did operation with a Samsung Q10 notebook.

Included in the package is a nice little leather bag that accommodates both the drive and the connecting cable. A couple of CDs or DVDs (in soft cases) also fit inside it easily.

The bag that comes with it easily accommodates all cables and a couple of data carriers.