Smart and Simple: Portable 2.5" Hard Drives from Fujitsu and Valueplus

Fujitsu HandyDrive Video Edition (FireWire)

Only the choice of interface distinguishes the Video Edition from the Data Edition. While the data version works with USB 2.0, in the case of the video variation, logically, a FireWire interface does the job. Officially, at 400 Mbit/s, it theoretically provides less than the USB 2.0 with its 480 Mbit/s, but in practice it is often the reverse. FireWire works isochronously and is thus best suited to data transfers in real time.

In our benchmarks, on the other hand, this has no effect; the results show a minimally better performance from the Data Edition with USB 2.0, even if subjective opinion speaks in favor of the FireWire version.

The same accessories are included: in addition to the connector cable, manual and CD, there is a small leather bag for safe transport.